The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Economics of Water/Wastewater

The future of every community is tied to the economy – thriving businesses, population growth, good schools, opportunity for career growth and fully functioning infrastructure which includes water and wastewater services. While your citizens don’t really appreciate this last feature, we know you do – and you know we do! It’s just that, until the toilet doesn’t flush, or the water runs brown from the faucet, clean and safe water and wastewater are taken for granted. But if water and wastewater aren’t clean and safe, this can pose a real threat to a community. It’s simply too important to take for granted – and to leave to a person, or even a team, that is ill-prepared to manage this asset toward the future of your community. EPA and state rules and regulations change frequently. Technology changes frequently. Solutions for aging infrastructure are many and varied – and take time and money to implement. That’s why you need an experienced partner to managing this important asset. And that’s why communities across the Midwest rely on the Power of PeopleService. Let’s talk today. Contact Chris McMillen at