The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Been there. Done that.

Alan MeyerThis month we decided to put our focus squarely on SAFETY. We’re preparing to hold our first of several annual safety training seminars for 2018 and I decided to share with you just how important safety is to the entire PeopleService team. Starting with me. Over the years I’ve worked in some industries that everyone knows are risky from underground coal mining, to natural gas distribution and now the water/wastewater industry. I learned from my employers in those industries that safety must be job number one.

Compared to coal mining you might say the water/wastewater industry isn’t risky at all. But most treatment systems are high-users of electrical energy, there is the constant threat of slips and falls as we work around wet conditions much of the time and then there are confined spaces that can be environmentally unsafe and trenches that bear the risk of cave-in, etc.

In all cases the one constant that keeps people safe is FOCUS. When you are working you must be focused on the task at hand and nothing else. If you are, and you pay attention to the conditions around and apply the training you’ve received, you’ll go home at the end of your shift the same as you were at the beginning of your shift – and that is after all the goal of any safety program.

Alan Meyer
Chairman & CEO