The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Education Fuels the Power Behind PeopleService

If there is one thing we want you to know about PeopleService, it’s that we’re 100% committed to serving our clients. That commitment is what keeps us ever striving to know what’s new, what’s working, what’s got potential to change this industry, drive efficiency – and effectiveness. So, we never stop learning. We know you rely on us to be the onsite experts and keep your community healthy and safe and we honor that trust.

That’s why we put such a big emphasis on education, and why we keep our network strong so that we can always reach out to one another, and experts in the field, to assure we’re deploying the right thinking and the most effective solution to everyday plant maintenance and operations and to specific challenges that come our way.

The good news is, we’re “all in.”

What really works in the PeopleService culture is an “all in” attitude toward wanting to constantly improve and fortify our arsenal of knowledge to serve our communities. Participation in educational sessions is enthusiastic and encouraged up and down the ranks. Here are a few examples of what education means to the people of PeopleService. You can see these on our Facebook page and “like” them if you like. If you’ve learned something from us, tell us on our Facebook page, too. We promise to give you a hearty thumb’s up!

Mike Adair

Mike Adair, Director of Operational Programs

“When I was considering a career change, I heard that PeopleService paid for the education of their employees. This generous benefit spoke volumes to me about how the company invests in people and that meant a lot,” said Mike Adair, Director of Operational Programs. “Duane Grashorn, Nebraska Region Manager, was my boss at the time and he always pushed me to earn more and more certificates. They’re not easy to earn, but I did it, and I’m forever grateful to Duane.”

Steve Guthrie

Steve Guthrie, Iowa/Missouri Region Manager, also teaches water tech courses at Kirkwood Community College in Missouri.

“I thought I wanted to be a chemical engineer,” said Steve Guthrie, Iowa/Missouri Region Manager, a self-described puzzle-solver. “But something about that traditional major and degree path wasn’t exactly sitting with me, so I stepped out of college and went to work at PeopleService. While on the job I was encouraged to take a basic water course at Kirkwood Community College. Then I took and passed my first certification exam. Everything started to click. I realized that I could parlay what I know about chemicals to the treatment side of our business and parlay my ability to solve problems with ongoing career-relevant education to troubleshoot when needed. I really appreciate my Region Manager at the time, Tim Snyder, and Lead Operator at the time, Ed Simmons for encouraging me to pursue this path and complete my bachelor’s degree. It has made for a fulfilling career.”

Dallas Roggeman

Operator Dallas Roggeman got hooked on working in water and wastewater in a high school electives course.

“It’s funny to think that one elective class can set you on a path that defines your life for years, but it did for me,” said Operator Dallas Roggeman. “When I was a senior in high school in Ortonville, Minnesota, I elected to take a water testing class. I really enjoyed it, and mentioned that to our guidance counselor who connected me to the water technologies degree at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. I graduated from St. Cloud with my Class D Certifications in water and wastewater treatment. Today, thanks to PeopleService’s support and encouragement, I hold a Class A wastewater and Class C water certification. I feel confident operating my plants and I enjoy traveling to other locations to offer support and advice based on what I know. I tell everyone about the importance of education in our business.”