The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Not Sure When You Should Update Your Infrastructure?

The Answer May Be Now.

On March 31, The American Jobs Plan unveiled $2 trillion worth of infrastructure improvements. The plan includes everything from fixing highways and bridges to creating millions of quality jobs. But how does this affect the water industry?

The plan outlines $111 billion for water infrastructure over the next 10 years. Here is the breakdown:

  • $56 billion towards grants and low-cost flexible loans to upgrade and modernize drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems.
  • $10 billion in funding to monitor and remediate PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in drinking water systems.
  • Invest in rural small water systems and household well and wastewater systems, including drainage fields.
  • $45 billion to eliminate 100% of the nation’s lead pipes and service.
  • Reducing lead exposure in 400,000 schools, childcare facilities, and 6 to 10 million homes.

If you’re ready to update your infrastructure and want to talk about how to start, contact Chris McMillen.