The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Training is Integral to the Power of PeopleService

trainingThe key to training is that to achieve optimum results, it must be comprehensive and ongoing. There is always something new and important happening in the water/wastewater industry. That’s why keeping our employees updated on the latest trends, practices, regulations and advances in technology is vital to our effectiveness in the field. We emphasize training so our employees can be the best. Our safety training is a crucial element of our training regimen that features annual safety training seminars and OSHA refresher courses, quarterly safety meetings, as well as written updates and the creation of standing safety committees and coordinators. There are no half measures.

The lead operators who attended our bi-annual leadership conference in Okoboji this year, offered some sharp insights into the level and value of the training the company provides.

According to James Crilley from Duluth North Shore, Minnesota, “The classroom environment is so different from what we do in the field, but what you learn just listening to the other operators and management team is intense. You get the feeling for how much the company cares about you and the progress you make. They want you to be your best and the leadership conference, the safety training we do, and the way that my region manager monitors my progress and pushes me to expand my education and to upgrade my certifications is great. The company drives us to be our best and that means a better career path and more opportunity. I know that PeopleService is a big business and yet it is so close-knit, that it has a family feel.”

Charlie Dappen, from Dodge Center, Minnesota, said, “PeopleService does more to prepare us for success than any company I have ever worked for or know about from speaking with other people in the industry. I appreciate the seminars and workshops because we get to meet and interact with other operators from across the Midwest and learn about the issues they face and what their priorities are. It’s exciting to learn from your peers and get to know your counterparts from other regions. This type of interaction solidifies that team spirit and unity of purpose that’s at the heart of what we do.”

Jesse Howell from Howard Co., Missouri, commented that, “The Leadership Conference opened my eyes on a number of issues and has led me to create a new plan for establishing better communications with fellow team members. Much like the safety courses we participate in, these experiences bring into focus how important the group dynamic is when you work for a company like PeopleService. When I was working out there on my own, I was responsible for my own safety and I knew how to take care of myself. But, when you are part of the PeopleService team, you have to think about safety in a whole new light. The training we get changes how you view the job and how you approach the work with others in the field. The company invests in us and the work we do, and it makes a difference.”

Talk to our team members and you will hear how much they value the training they receive. It is vital to their ability to do their jobs well. It is the means by which they bond and come to trust their counterparts. Every time we bring together a group of employees for training, it powers the “Power of PeopleService”. We value knowledge, talent and expertise, and by growing our employees’ understanding and learning from each other, we continue to strengthen and improve the service we offer.

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