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New Year Promises More of the Same: Change

swirlOne constant in our industry is change – and 2023 promises to be no different. One emerging issue we’ll face are changes to the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, which requires compliance by Oct. 16, 2024. Another hot topic will be what regulators may require for the future removal of PFAS (forever chemicals) in the treatment process. Of course, as all these big-picture issues swirl, there are always the day-to-day challenges that arise – staffing, for example.

When you’re in a staffing pinch, PeopleService can help by consulting with you and sharing our expertise and experience. We also can help with those projects that require attention but can get pushed down the “to-do” list as more pressing problems emerge. One example is GIS mapping, a service that PeopleService has expanded from sewer and water systems to your community’s entire infrastructure. These are only a couple examples but there are plenty of other ways – some of them new – that PeopleService can partner with you in the new year. Some things never change.

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