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Central Minnesota Region Manager

Greg Stang Brings Customer Perspective to the Job

Greg Stang

When Greg Stang joined PeopleService more than a decade ago, he brought to the job a depth of knowledge acquired from his many years in Public Works. He is well versed in the issues and problems that most city officials and workers face every day.

“I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the equation. When a client has a question, an idea or a problem, they want a clear, concise answer – and they want it now. PeopleService embodies an expansive network of expertise and it’s my job to deliver the answers and solutions they need,” he says.

Greg knows that you expect results every day. That is why he is laser-focused on providing exceptional service. “Our reputation is everything. You do great work and the word spreads. When you really care about the people you work with and for, good things happen.”

While Greg is enthusiastic about his work, he isn’t all business. When he’s not on the job he enjoys deer hunting and motorcycling, and most of all, he loves spending quality time with his family.