The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Ready, set, go!

PowerStart Notebooks give our partnerships a strong foundation.

PowerStartMore communities are recognizing the need for partnership in managing and maintaining water and wastewater systems for their communities. As we continue to add clients, we do all we can to assure a strong foundation to the relationship. That’s why we develop in-depth PowerStart Notebooks for everyone on the team. PowerStart Notebooks include a recap of the scope of service we’ve agreed upon, work order procedure, operational plans, operation and maintenance agreements and the additional services we’ve committed to such as the annual price adjustment, True-Up Funds policy and monthly status reports. PowerStart Notebooks are designed to be used by all on the team – a living, breathing resource to keep us all “high-tuned” on serving your community. They are helpful with day-to-day operations and when there is a change of staff or city leadership to remind all of the scope of the partnership.

Perhaps the most important thing in the PowerStart is a list of key contacts – those PeopleService employees who are available to our partner 24/7 – that big serving of assurance that allows them to sleep better at night. These can be yours to with your PeopleService partnership.

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