Corporate Staff

PeopleService was founded in Omaha, Nebraska. This is our home port from which we serve all the communities that partner with us. We invite you to contact any of our corporate staff for anything you need.

Chad Meyer

Chad Meyer

In his role as president of PeopleService, Chad is laser-focused on every aspect of the business, fostering its continued growth and working directly with seven region managers to insure that the company is operating in total alignment. His job is to communicate the company’s vision, and make certain that every contract PeopleService handles has the correct resources, knowledge and tools available to meet the demands of the contract and exceed expectation.

“The key to PeopleService is our people. Our people are our greatest asset, they are the public face of PeopleService. We have brought together a group of talented and committed professionals who are invested in their work and diligent about serving the communities they live and work in. Integrity is key. The communities that employ our services trust us to give them the full benefit of our expertise. We are always learning and advancing our knowledge about every aspect of the water/wastewater business.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is presenting service awards to our employees. We have so many long-term employees that go that extra mile for our customers. They believe in what we do and give so much of themselves. It is truly an honor for me to recognize all that they do to make PeopleService so successful.”

Chris McMillen

Chris McMillen
Director of Sales

Navy veteran Chris McMillen is the newest member of the PeopleService team and brings a wealth of strong strategic sales and management experience from across the nation, most recently in Tampa, Florida.

“Alan and Chad Meyer’s integrity and passion instantly attracted me to PeopleService where I know I can make a positive impact. I love that the organization is just like a family. There is a wealth of knowledge here, and everyone collaborates and shares thoughts and ideas.

Communities across the country are losing qualified water/wastewater operators and PeopleService’s expertise and talented workforce is an instrumental solution to this problem.

My role is to sit down with city administrators and leaders to discuss what’s keeping them awake at night and how PeopleService can help.”

When you meet with Chris, ask him about his days in comedy improv. When he isn’t cracking a joke or talking water/wastewater solutions, you can find him fishing, golfing, at the BBQ grill and working on his home brew.

Mike Adair

Mike Adair
Director of Operational Programs

– Nebraska: Water Grade II
– Nebraska: Wastewater Grade II
– Iowa: Water Treatment Grade III
– Iowa: Water Distribution Grade III
– Iowa: Wastewater Grade III
– Missouri: Water Treatment Grade II
– Minnesota: Water Supply System Class C
– Minnesota: Wastewater Class C

Mike Adair lives by a 365/24/7 philosophy… He sees his role as the director of operational programs as a man who wears many hats and he takes all of his responsibilities very seriously.

In his role as safety director, first and foremost, he arms everyone who represents PeopleService with the best practices and methods to make certain that all systems run optimally.

Mike is also charged with ethical compliance and he expects everyone at PeopleService to commit to the highest standards of ethics at all times… because the water that they are responsible for flows into people’s homes… And people are what really matter.

Another hat that Mike wears is that of technical support… people depend on him to know the answers and to find the answers… to make certain the systems he manages are all running at peak efficiency. It’s part of that 365/24/7 work ethic that has proven so valuable to Mike throughout his career.

Kim McDonald

Kim McDonald
Director of Human Resources

Bringing 20 years of success to her position, Kim is responsible for identifying and onboarding the most qualified people for the PeopleService team. Kim thrives on the variety her position offers and loves the team spirit and camaraderie of PeopleService. It’s a very supportive atmosphere, where everyone’s input matters – especially when it comes to our region managers and our valued clients. Knowing that we are all striving to reach the same goal… to be the very best at what we do… it’s important.

“We are more than just a business, we are a family.”

Mike Munderloh

Mike Munderloh
Manager of Finance and Accounting

Mike brings 30 years of expertise in the field of finance and accounting management to his work every day. PeopleService is client oriented and Mike thrives on developing systems and solutions to meet our clients’ needs on an individual basis. He is structured, has a keen eye for detail and a firm grasp of IT. Mike is actively engaged in the growth of PeopleService and completely committed to providing clients with the utmost in accuracy and efficiency.

Chris McMillen

To learn more about partnering with PeopleService in your community, contact Chris McMillen, Director of Sales.