The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Beware the “gotcha” world of compliance.

gotchaAs you may have seen from our post, the penalties for non-compliance with the EPA’s Clean Water Act are significant – and they are enforced. We’re hearing of a disturbing trend that there are law firms in the Midwest sending ominous letters to city managers alleging that they are in violation of the Clean Water Act, citing the act and the highest levels of fines. These lengthy letters include supposed infractions. The kicker is these law firms offer to help remediate the issue “if” their services are contracted “to avoid litigation.” On the surface, these letters can be scary and intimidating. Our partners have received them and the good news is we have documentation that explicitly addresses supposed infractions, which prove all actions taken to uphold the Clean Water Act on behalf of the community.

It’s a shame that people in our own communities pull out scare and intimidation tactics to extract money from taxpayers – not to mention the distraction of time and worry. But that’s why we’re here – to provide assurance and proof of due diligence in treating water and wastewater for safe use in our homes and the environment.

If you get a letter from an environmental law firm citing infractions, read it through a few times, check your records and question their motives in “helping” you, then call us. Even if we’re not your water/wastewater operator, there may be audit services we can provide to honestly assess where you stand. Always happy to help and if this makes you think twice about having a bench of experts on board, we can talk about that, too.

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