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Introducing an affordable GIS mapping solution

GIS map of Ackley, Iowa

Our mapping solution is a cloud-based GIS designed for the sewer and water industry that helps map and locate systems underground for fast, efficient work in your community. Some of the key benefits of mapping your infrastructure include:

  • Cost savings resulting from greater efficiency
  • Improved communications during a crisis or improvement project
  • Better geographic information record keeping by knowing and seeing what is getting done and when.

Chris McMillenPartner with PeopleService to map your system(s) and get a lower cost than traditional providers and a faster turnaround on the finished product. When you use PeopleService’s GIS Mapping, we will provide training on the user-friendly software and offer continued support. Let’s discuss how our GIS Mapping service can work in your community today! Contact Chris McMillen at 402-960-5700.