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The proof is in the pudding…

Chad MeyerIn this Christmas season, I will admit that I’ve never tried the traditional Christmas pudding. Those who have tried it tell me it’s really good, filled with fruits and nuts and served warm with a rich sauce. The saying is actually “the proof in the pudding is in the tasting,” or the experience. I get that. It’s analogous to those who try PeopleService. They start out committed to never outsourcing or imagining how distasteful that experience will be, but then, when they get a taste of how delightful it can be to have someone take responsibility for all that comes with managing and operating their water and wastewater plants, they get hooked. So, in honor of all of our customers, I’m going to try Christmas pudding this year. Thanks for inspiring me to try new things! And, if you want to know how my taste went, or what our customers tell us about their PeopleService experience, contact me!

How are we doing?

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Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.