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Nora Springs – Solid as a Rock

Iowa Region Manager Steve Robinette tells the story of this PeopleService partnership.

Nora Springs water towerIf you’ve ever been in Iowa close to the southern Minnesota border, you may have spent time in Nora Springs – home of a many thousands-year-old storied boulder. It has served as a photo feature for RAGBRAI bike ride visitors and regular climbing feature for the children of the community. Iowa Region Manager Steve Robinette calls it a metaphor for the people of Nora Springs and surrounding towns. “This is a great community with really solid, stand-up people,” he said. Everyone cares about each other and the city leaders care about the health and well-being of all – starting with the assurance of clean and safe water and wastewater.” PeopleService has partnered with Nora Springs to manage, maintain and operate the water and wastewater plants here since 1991.

Steve RobinetteRobinette credits community management with being very progressive with their water and wastewater systems, saying they are always looking to improve their utility systems and committing resources as needed to infrastructure.

As an example of Nora Springs’ vision, Iowa’s Assistant Region Manager Heath Draeger shared that PeopleService played a large role in the new Aero-Mod wastewater plant that recently went on-line. “We highly recommended this style of plant and the city trusted our judgment. The plant is new and we’ll spend the first year fine-tuning it with our vast Aero-Mod experience,” he said. “On the water production side, we are working on reducing the city’s water loss and have made improvements in this area and the operators have made great strides this past year with GIS mapping of utilities.”

As one of our first clients, we appreciate Nora Springs, the vision of city leaders and our mutually respectful partnership.

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