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4 Tips to a Safer Winter with Water

Here are some helpful tips to pass along to your citizens as we all prepare for winter.

  1. Get those leaks fixed. Even the smallest of leaks can cause major problems for your system in winter when temperatures get low enough. Leaking areas are natural weak spots when water in pipes starts to expand in cold temperatures, creating a potential spot for pipes to burst as water pressure increases.
  2. Check the insulation around your pipes. Make sure any exposed pipes are properly insulated with insulation foam to minimize the risk of freezing. The added benefit is you will save on water heating costs.
  3. Winterize outdoor faucets. Drain and disconnect hoses attached to outdoor faucets and store them safely. Then fully drain and shut off the water supply to outdoor faucets.
  4. Find your water main. Knowing ahead of time where to find your water main assures that you can quickly shut off the water if you have an emergency. This is a small step that can save you big money.