The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Key to Long-Term Management of W/WW Plants

Here’s what’s happening in our industry today:

Chad MeyerLong-term employees are retiring, leaving water and wastewater plant management a major issue for city administrators. When this (often) one person has been in charge of the city plant for years, the biggest challenges are knowledge transfer and assuring that the plant is up-to-speed in handling today’s needs and standards. Frankly, gone are the days of one person managing water and wastewater plants solo. It may seem easier to deal with one city employee, but as a replacement today, it’s often unrealistic and it can be a liability. One reason is the lack of labor resources out there. Another is that one person does not have access to the depth and breadth of experience needed to manage and operate in this industry today. As you’ll read in the next article, we are celebrating 29 years of serving Hinckley, Minnesota. They are one of many long-term partners and in this case, Hinckley has enjoyed the tenure of Jerry Williams – his knowledge and experience and the ability to make a call to access others’ experience and knowledge to keep Hinckley running smoothly. That’s the one-two punch. One person who knows your plant, backed by many who know water and wastewater like the backs of their hands. That’s the Power of PeopleService, and I’d like to tell you more. Reach out anytime.

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