The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

We’re all in this together

Alan MeyerOne of the facts I’m always pleased to pass along is that our first two customers we ever signed a contract with are still clients today, and we have a total of 29 customers that have been with us 25 years or longer. I appreciate all of our partnerships and sincerely want to work with you someday. When you partner with PeopleService, our teams work together daily to assure water quality and to avoid issues. One way we hit the ground running with clients is with our Power Start Notebooks. (Read more in this e-newsletter.) Plus, we provide monthly reports on how we’re doing because we keep our finger on the pulse of our promises to our partners and their communities – and we want them to know how things are going. Yet, that report would be meaningless to the people our your community. The fact is clean, safe water is HUGELY underappreciated by most. There is more we can do together to engage the public’s interest in this topic, and enlist their help in our ongoing quest. That’s why we provide FREE RESOURCES to our partner communities, including fliers on what to do with grease and mercury, how to keep drains clean and more.


In short, we just don’t sign a contract with our clients then do the bare minimum. We are in it with them for the long haul and for the life and health of their community. If this is the kind of partner you’re looking for, let’s talk today.

Alan Meyer
Chairman & CEO