The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Plant Management by Affidavit Article Featured in Iowa’s Cityscape Magazine

CityscapeCityscape is the monthly magazine published by the Iowa League of Cities. The issues contain helpful information for administrators on all the issues they deal with daily. One issue all Midwest communities face today is the lack of qualified and experienced people to staff their water/wastewater operations.

This issue is one we’ve been working on for years. We partner with local community colleges to offer scholarships and apprenticeships for students in their Water Engineering and Technology programs, and, because we serve communities in four states, we apply solutions from one state to another – as far as regulations allow.

To that end, we are advocates of management of water/wastewater operations by affidavit. Our Region Managers have the greatest depth of experience and certifications. Their ability to show the ropes to new entrants to the field is second-to-none. PeopleService University helps everyone from new entrants to those with tenure study and prepare for the next level of certification required to serve their site.

Chad Meyer talks to this in the June issue of Cityscape, which you can access here. And, by the way, this issue features the water tower of PeopleService customer Clarinda, Iowa. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.