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Three Tips for Choosing the Right Partner

  1. Scale Up – look for a partner that has the ability to do more than what your team currently does. The world is moving fast, particularly in technology and increasing regulations. If your team is having trouble keeping up, it’s time to partner with someone who is already where you wish you were.
  2. Lie Down – look for a partner who can really take care of the things you now have to do but know you really shouldn’t. For instance, if heavy rains cause gutter flooding and you’re up at night trying to fix the problem or even losing sleep worrying about it, give the 24/7/365 responsibility to someone you trust to take care of it so you can get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Gain Control – look for a partner that is transparent and reliable. Expect them to do what they say they will and be willing to be held accountable. You gain all control by managing the relationship – not the work.