The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Cost Saving Measures

Happy bugs

Happy Bugs = Healthy System

Central Minnesota Region Manager Greg Stang equates wastewater management with farming. His crop is wastewater cleaning bugs. “Well, it’s just like on the farm…happy cows make for a happy farm. You have to work to keep them happy and they’ll work for you. We work to minimize chemicals in our plants when we know the bugs can do the job. Overloading systems with too many – or the wrong chemicals – is dangerous, time consuming and wastes money.” See Rembrandt article

Less sludge

The Secret to Less Sludge to Haul

Learn more about how PeopleService decreased sludge hauling by 300,000 pounds in Renville, Minnesota. PeopleService applied years of experience in managing wastewater plants to minimize sludge production at the Rembrandt plant. In fact, PeopleService so significantly thickened the sludge that 300,000 gallons of clear water were pulled out of the sludge and returned to the head of the treatment plant, saving thousands of dollars in haul-away charges.


With Transparency Comes Trust

We inherited a plant and a relationship built on thin ice. The city wastewater managers of Renville, Minnesota, had been burned too many times by shock load coming off the Rembrandt plant. This caused them to visit the plant every day at 7:30 am to check the samples themselves. See how we’re working to earn their trust. Because the Rembrandt plant distributes wastewater to the city of Renville vs. into the environment, they aren’t required to have licensed operators on staff. This was a problem in the past for a lot of reasons (see article), including the shock load discharges to the city. Since March, PeopleService’s operation of the plant has improved processes and outcomes, and is slowly building back the trust of the city. They come on scene at 8 am now. Also, a PeopleService tech inadvertently left a mixer on too long which caused extra flow to the city. The minute he realized his mistake, he called the city manager in an effort to be totally transparent, and PeopleService paid the associated fine. While we work to avoid these mistakes, we also admit our errors and stand by our word to be transparent in our work. Integrity goes a long way.