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PeopleService Participates in National COVID Sampling Program

According to a recent article in the Omaha World-Herald, early on in tracking the COVID-19 virus, scientists learned that about 40% of people infected with it shed the virus’ genetic material in their stool. Since learning this, a number of states, universities and other entities have used wastewater sampling to help track the virus, which can be detected in wastewater before it shows up in more traditional measures such as case reports and hospital admissions. Once discovered, experts can target responses, such as sending in mobile testing units. Several PeopleService operators are participating in the Federal Sampling program to supply important data.

“In Maryville, we participate in the voluntary program for the Missouri Covid Sewershed Surveillance Program doing weekly sampling at the influent of our treatment plant. It’s interesting for PeopleService to be a part of this national program. We’re looking forward to the roll up of results.”

Jerry Riley
Lead Operator
Maryville, Mo