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Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water

Chad MeyerThe global World Water Week conference starts today and goes through September 1. This annual event is held in Stockholm and is accessible online. People from across the globe come together to explore new ways of managing water and tackle humanity’s greatest challenges from food security and health to agriculture, technology, biodiversity and climate. Another way to put it is people working towards the shared goal of a water wise world. When we work with our clients, we too share this goal in communities across the Midwest. We partner with civic leaders and we get to know citizens. Our operators – the best out there – apply their deep knowledge, experience and care to assuring that water and wastewater is safe and clean for people and the environment. You’re reading this because you are charged with caring for your community. Your community’s water deserves the best care out there. I can tell you’ll get that with PeopleService. Happy to tell you more anytime. Email me:

World Water Week

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