The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

So here, to mark National Drinking Water Week, I’ll hand over to our Region Managers to salute their courageous teams, state by state:


“I’ve always had a great appreciation and admiration for the operators I’ve had the pleasure to work with. The response of our staff throughout this pandemic has only served to validate my respect for them. I can’t thank them enough for everything they do in good times and bad.”

– Steven Robinette, Region Manager, Iowa


“To all of my people out there every day, I’ve always known you were essential. Now everyone knows. It’s been business as usual and I salute you.”

– Duane Grashorn, Region Manager, Nebraska

“I would like to thank the finance staff for their dedication to work through this unusual time. You have continued to support our utility customers, pay suppliers and pay our employees. You have done this while new processes had to be implemented and have adapted to the evolving changes and needs required with social distancing.”

– Mike Munderloh, Finance Manager, Omaha


“Thank you to all the Northern Minnesota Region PeopleService operators and office personnel for continuing to get the job done during these trying times. Your can-do attitudes and dedication to serving our customers gives credit to what a great bunch of water professionals you are.”

– Paul Christensen, Region Manager, Northern Minnesota

“The PSI team is 2nd to none with our depth of knowledge and experience. All of the employees are the greatest asset PSI has. Thank you all, for all you do! All your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

– Greg Stang, Region Manager, Central Minnesota

“I would like to give a Big Thank You to all the Southern Minnesota employees for their dedication to assure that essential health services continue operating during these trying times. Your commitment to Health and Safety is greatly appreciated by myself and our clients.”

– Herb Krueger, Region Manager, Southern Minnesota


“As employees working on the front lines during uncertain times of a pandemic crisis, you have shown steadfast dedication day in and day out. It makes me proud to say I work with a great team of men and women every day. Thank you for your devotion and commitment.”

– George Hulet, Region Manager, Missouri