The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Why Outsourcing in this Field is Not a Naughty Word

In our industry the word “outsource” can be considered a naughty word. If you are a city manager or a member of a town council charged with maintaining your community’s water and wastewater systems, you know how complicated the process can be. For most people, as long as the tap turns on and the toilet flushes, they have little thought about how that occurs on a day-to-day basis. When things go bad, that’s when the complaints pour in. Add to these situations increasing regulation, aging infrastructure issues, a narrowing labor pool and all of a sudden outsourcing doesn’t seem so bad…especially when it’s to an expert in the field who forms long-lasting, valued partnerships.

Outsourcing Helps You Take Control

Often people think that outsourcing water and wastewater duties leads to lack of control, but when you contract with PeopleService, there is a direct line of responsibility and accountability for all of your water and wastewater issues. We take responsibility, not control. We answer questions, take action and deal with any problem the city or a customer has.

Say you get a phone call from a concerned citizen about nitrate levels in the water, worries about a news story they saw on phosphorus levels, or just a question about pipes in their house making funny noises…you can take the call and deal with the problem, or trust us to handle it for you.

Here’s How it Works

When cities consider outsourcing their water and wastewater duties there can be the issue of personnel…how to work with valued workers who have been loyal contributors in this area. We work with you to make the best decisions here for your community. The hard truth is you need certified licensed operators who understand how the plant operates as well as all of the regulatory compliance.

With nearly three decades in the water and wastewater industry, our staff of dedicated, loyal experts and our long list of longtime partners assures you we take our partnerships seriously. Our depth and breadth of experience and knowledge assures that we provide the solutions and insight to make your facilities work at peak efficiency, help cut costs and provide the services that give you peace of mind.

Take the Next Step

PeopleService is ready to partner with you! We want to know what water and wastewater issues your city is facing. Call it outsourcing. We call it partnering. We’re ready to work with you. We are ready to listen. We are ready to show you how partnering with PeopleService can benefit you now and toward your long-term goals.

Contact Chad Meyer today at 877-774-4311.

From soup to nuts – did you know PeopleService provides this, too?

  1. Assists with preparation of five-year capital plans.
  2. Participates in community programs designed to educate citizens on the importance of treatment systems in protecting the environment and the health of individuals.
  3. Establishes and implements required water and wastewater testing practices.

Want to know what we can do for your community? Contact Chad Meyer at 877-774-4311.