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Nora Springs Celebrates a Year of Their New Plant

Congratulations to Nora Springs as we celebrate a year of operations of its new wastewater plant.

Nora Spring’s previous wastewater plant was built in 1959 and had come to the end of its working life. As partners of the city for the past 29 years, we worked with them, visiting other sites and partnering to assure the right plant was commissioned and the transition from the old to the new went smoothly.

In March 2019, the city broke ground on its new $8.7M replacement to secure the city and its 1,400 residents and businesses a safe-water future. Last June, the new plant went fully operational.

We’ll be telling the compelling story with the city in a panel presentation at the Iowa League conference in Coralville in September. We will chart the journey through the decision-making processes, construction and now a year of implementation. It will cover a selection of plant, financing, the commissioning processes and operations – and the compelling story of how a city was built for the future and what goals it has achieved in Year 1. Looking forward to seeing you all there.