The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Russellville, Missouri Makes a Change for the Positive

RussellvilleWhen City Clerk Jan Wyatt first came to Russellville, Missouri from Hannibal, she brought with her a deep knowledge of the water and wastewater industry. She knew when the city’s current service contract was up, it was time for Russellville to make a change in providers. After opening the contract up to bids, she met with top candidates and that included meeting our team. Jan knew after speaking with region manager, Steve Guthrie, it was time for them to meet the whole council. Jan said, “PeopleService was by far the most qualified candidate for our contract. They knew water and wastewater. Their knowledge made an impact on the council. Today, our residents really appreciate what they are seeing happen here. So much of what’s done in water and wastewater happens behind the scenes. That makes it hard for people to appreciate how it works, but when people see street work getting done, that gets them excited.”

In Russellville, we are responsible for operating and maintaining the city’s water (production, distribution, storage), wastewater systems (treatment, lift stations, collection) and the public works (streets, parks, general maintenance, snow removal, mowing).

“This is a success story and the people of Russellville notice the difference,” added Jan. “The PeopleService staff in uniform, the positive impact they have on community members and the heightened level of service provided to our community is outstanding. PeopleService impressed us with their qualifications and their presentation. All of their dedicated staff, impress with their commitment and willingness to go above and beyond for our residents. We know we made the right choice.”

We help communities take control of their water/wastewater operations and management. Our caring and knowledgeable staff want to make your community a success story. To learn more, contact director of business development Chad Meyer at 877-774-4311.