Working to assure public health. Protecting our environment.

When you partner with PeopleService, your community benefits from the knowledge and skills of operators and managers well-trained in all aspects of water and wastewater systems.

We stay up-to-date on regulatory compliance, so you don’t have to. See Case Studies

State regulatory standards are set to assure your community’s drinking water and the wastewater that returns to the environment are safe and clean. Our contract with you is our commitment to uphold those standards and keep your community in compliance.

Our operators know your state’s water/wastewater regulations and their work stands up to audits every time. In fact, we audit our work in every city every year to assure compliance – and we give you thorough, transparent, monthly reports so your council and citizens are assured that the management, operations and maintenance of your systems is top notch.

PeopleService University provides deep dive education prep for certification exams.

Few colleges offer degrees in water and wastewater (but we partner with those who do), and many people aren’t aware of this work as a profession. That’s why PeopleService University was developed years ago to help those new to the industry – and those moving to the next step in the industry – learn what they need to manage, operate and maintain systems and pass necessary certification exams.

Award-winning safety program

Safety is paramount at PeopleService. Every field employee goes through extensive safety training at least once per year, led by Director of Operational Programs, Mike Adair. Our safety record is stellar and we’ve won awards for our program.

When you partner with us, you too have access to a safety program designed to comply with OSHA requirements. And we will host community programs on the importance of treatment systems in the protection of the environment and the health of individuals.

Let’s talk about partnering together for the health and safety of your community. Contact us today.

Count on PeopleService to do all this, and more.

  • Prepare and submit required regulatory reports. PeopleService has a Regulatory Audit Compliance program (QA/QC).
  • Adhere to a regulatory audit compliance (QA/QC) program.
  • Prepare and submit permit renewal applications.
  • Implement and maintain required testing practices.
  • Assist in the development and update of municipal codes regarding wastewater management.
  • Participate in compliance training to remain current with local, state and federal regulations.

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