The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Cold is Coming. We’re Ready.

Chad MeyerIf you’re like me, this past nine months has been a complete blur, but I do know that winter is on its way and if there was ever a team that is ready, it’s our entire Minnesota crew led by Region Managers Paul Christensen, Greg Stang and Herb Krueger. There are few colder places we manage, but these guys, their operators, techs and staff are ready for whatever comes their way. See their bios on our site, take a listen to the podcast of a work experience recorded by Paul and Greg, and check out the long list of certifications earned by these guys. They add real value to our team and their peers across all the Midwest states we serve. While you’re thinking cold-weather blues, check out our winterization tips article. That’s a long list too, but this is testament to all there is to do when managing water and wastewater plants. We do it in all kinds of weather. We’d love to get on board to help manage these functions with you.

Chad Meyer
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