The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Four Hot Tips to a Perfectly Hydrated Lawn

  1. Water Early in the Day: The air is cooler and winds are calmer in the early morning, so there will be less evaporation of water then.
  2. Water Evenly: Make sure you’re getting coverage over your entire lawn. Test your sprinkler setup by placing small containers in several places around your property. After a session of watering, compare levels in the containers, making adjustments if necessary.
  3. Water Slowly: If you water too much too quickly, excess water will run off your lawn – a waste of water resources and your money, not to mention a potential environmental hazard.
  4. Water Infrequently: It’s better to give your grass a good soak every three days than to water a little bit every day. Watering less frequently encourages roots to grow downward (in search of water), which in turn makes your lawn more stable overall.