Our Clients’ Success is the Only Measure of Success That Matters

Since 1988, PeopleService has been contracting with cities, towns, districts and municipalities to share our expertise in the field of water and wastewater management. Since then we have expanded our services to more than 160 clients throughout the Mid-Plains states and helped communities of all sizes overcome issues from aging facilities and infrastructure, to pressure problems, insufficient storage capacity, compliance and regulation issues and many more intricate issues that communities face as they try to keep pace with diminishing populations, tightening budgets and ever-changing supply and demand. Not to mention keeping our clients’ systems up-to-date to attract people, companies and growth. PeopleService brought to these communities a vast knowledge and expertise, focusing our talents and insights on taking them into the future by creating cost effective and sustainable solutions.

The key is in having the knowledge to find the solutions that work best for every community on a case-by-case situation. PeopleService focuses on being able to assess the individual needs and obstacles that each system presents, and to find the right solution to give our clients the peace of mind to know that their systems will work optimally now – and well into the future.

PeopleService commits to applying a vast understanding of the critical systems in play and the needs of their customers, using the right tools and methods to make certain that all the issues that may seem so overwhelming are addressed in the safest and most efficient and effective way possible. We have the licensed and certified professionals on hand to work with management, government officials and industry experts to find the best solutions, to implement those solutions and provide the critical staffing necessary to make those systems work for the communities they serve.

Every municipality faces different issues in terrain, existing systems, EPA and governmental regulatory hurdles to be met. PeopleService has a long history of using professional expertise to develop viable solutions to upgrades or system needs. We are adept at creating treatment solutions that are efficient and effective, as well as compliant with regulatory requirements.

The benefit of the depth and breadth of expertise that PeopleService offers to each and every project is demonstrated in the peace of mind that system owners, or those responsible for systems, have in an ever-increasingly challenging and complex environment.

When PeopleService signed our first contract with the the city of Ackley, Iowa back in 1988, we began a journey that has enabled us to become a leader in the field of water and wastewater management. Award winning, capable and completely committed to serving our clients’ needs, there’s a reason the good people of Ackley, Iowa and so many other communities trust PeopleService to continue to manage and maintain their water needs today.