Syracuse Main Break Reveals the Importance of Preparedness

Infrastructure can be problematic. There are some problems you cannot predict or safeguard against until they actually happen.

One morning in September the citizens of Syracuse, Nebraska, had to contend with the harsh reality of boiling their water due to a water main break that emptied the town’s water tower of 500,000 gallons of water.

The city was able to fix the water main and refill the water tower with great speed, but there are other unseen factors they had to contend with that should always be considered.

The city issued a boil order until it could be determined if there were harmful bacteria in the newly refilled tower. The boil order was a much needed safety measure to protect citizens while allowing state health officials time to test the water supply.

Whenever there is a massive loss of water pressure in a water system, tests must be performed to guard against bacteria problems. The testing can be done relatively quickly, and while the water is considered safe to use for bathing and laundry, the boil order is put in place to make certain that the water is not consumed. The city of Syracuse issued numerous alerts to keep their 2,000 citizens informed until the water was declared safe and the boil order was rescinded.

Accidents happen. Infrastructure breaks down. Natural disasters occur.

It’s best to expect the unexpected and always be prepared. The municipality of Syracuse did a great job.

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