Walnut Grove, Minnesota

Population: 871
Employees: 1


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Treatment plants, Collection and Distribution system

Description of Facilities:

.203 MGD trickling filter facility; 2 wells with chemical addition, 1 water tower.


  • Facility upgrades
  • Infiltration Inflow issues
  • Worked with Engineer after plans had been approved
  • Water system complaints


  • Helped settle differences between City and Construction company
  • Hydrant flushing program
  • Kept plant in compliance during construction

Project Summary:

We started this project in 1990 taking care of two wells with chemical addition; distribution system, one 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank, collection system and a .148 MGD Class “C” trickling filter process with chlorine disinfection prior to discharge. The waste activated sludge was anaerobically treated and dried in sludge drying beds. There were plans for an on-site wastewater plant upgrade. The Wastewater facility was expanded to a .203 MGD Class “C” trickling filter process which included new screening and grit removal, 3 new pumps, new primary clarifier, final clarifier upgrade, trickling filter upgrade, chlorine contact basin, and drying bed upgrades. The Wastewater project was completed in 1993. In 2008 the MPCA changed the status from a Class “C” facility, to a Class “B” facility. A new .6 MGD well with chemical addition was constructed and put into service in the spring of 2006.

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