Valley, Nebraska

  • Population: 2,773
  • Employees: 3
  • Lift Stations: 27

Managing a Plant’s Performance to Accommodate Exponential Population Growth
Valley and surrounds population has seen considerable growth since 1991.


PeopleService first contracted with the town of Valley, Nebraska located about 30 minutes outside of the Omaha metropolitan area, in 1991. Since that signing, the population has seen considerable growth. The growth can be attributed to the addition of five lakes, hundreds of homes and annexes of surrounding areas. PeopleService has aided in the growth of Valley for more than 25 years.

Ten years ago, we were managing six lift stations. Today, we manage 32! The volume of our collection system has doubled and we’re working with two additional SIDs and a new HOA. Through it all, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with engineers and the city, combining our collective knowledge and experience, to handle this exponential growth.


PeopleService has been a long-term partner with Valley, beginning in 1991 with the original plant, maintaining the new plant built in 1996 and continuing to advance with Valley as we make upgrades and additions to accommodate continual growth. When the partnership began, it didn’t take long to recognize that a new plant was in order. We maintained the existing water plant during construction of the new plant, the addition of two new wells, and a 750,000-gallon water tower to replace the previous 50,000-gallon tower. When the facilities were completed in 1996, we implemented an extensive water main flushing program to clean existing mains and improve water quality for the communities we serve. We were instrumental in helping expand the plants’ capacity to accommodate a new industrial park, a large landscaping company, car wash, gas station and a mechanical company – all within existing zoning.

In 2005, to replace the city’s aging infrastructure, we began construction on a twelve-mile force main and pumping facility to convey the city’s wastewater to a facility in Fremont, NE.

In just the last five years, due to Valley’s annexation of existing communities, and the development of new communities, we’ve gone from 550 to 1,320 meters to read. Some communities had meter reading systems that we needed to upgrade, and we worked with contractors to install the same radio-read meters as used in Valley for optimum efficiency. PeopleService went into every home to do so.

The POWER of PeopleService

The city of Valley is not unlike many bedroom and lake communities outside of major cities that are enjoying exponential growth as aging boomers retire and Gens X and Z seek a greater work/life blend. We appreciate our true partnership with the city of Valley, local engineers and contractors as we all work together to find efficient, effective solutions for managing the growth that benefits all.

Water System

Water facilities serving the city of Valley consisting of two (2) wells with ancillary pump house structures, water treatment plant consisting of aeration, detention, filtration, storage and chemical addition. One 750,000-gallon hydro pillar water tower, and water mains of varying sizes; and the water systems serving the areas previously known as Ginger Cove and Ginger Woods. Hydro-pneumatic tanks and water distribution systems containing water mains of varying sizes serving the area known as the Pines Country Club.

Wastewater System

Wastewater collection system comprised of various sizes of interceptor lines and manholes, along with thirty-two (32) lift stations and all related force mains and conveyance facilities to Fremont, Nebraska including the Fremont metering station and the storm water pump station.

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“The City of Valley is proud to partner with PeopleService Inc. to manage our water and wastewater systems for the last 30 years. PeopleService is engrained in our community. Many PeopleService employees and members of leadership live and work in our community or surrounding areas and take great pride in their work. We can always trust that they have the best interest of our City and taxpayers in mind when making decisions. We value their dedication and expertise.”

– Cindy Grove
Valley, Nebraska

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