Valley, Nebraska

Population: 1,803
Employees: 1


Operations, maintenance and management of water treatment plant, distribution and collection system.

Description of Facilities:

WTP 2.5 MGD Iron/Manganese gravity filter, chemical addition (gas chlorine, potassium permanganate, fluoride) and 2 wells. WW facilities, collection system, 10 lift stations and 12 miles of force main.


  • Aging facilities
  • Compliance issues
  • Working with engineer on upgrades


  • Improved chemical feed system
  • Water plant control upgrade
  • New rate structure in place
  • Renovate WWTF

Project Summary:

PeopleService was contracted by Valley for water and wastewater services previous to a major upgrade in their water system. PeopleService managed their water system during the construction and start up of their new 2.5 MGD iron/manganese removal gravity filter plant, two new wells and the addition of a 750,000 gallon water tower to replace their current 50,000 gallon water tower. After completion of these facilities an extensive water main flushing program was implemented to clean existing mains and improve water quality to all customers. Further assistance provided by PeopleService for this project was the installation of residential water meters and completion of an extensive water rate study to assure that they would have funds for the projects debt service. In the fall of 2005, to replace the city’s aging wastewater treatment plant, the city began construction of a 12 mile force main and pumping facilities to convey the city’s wastewater to a facility in Fremont, NE. PeopleService employees served as a liaison between the engineers, contractor and city officials during this project. The conveyance system began operations in December of 2006.