Spring Valley, Minnesota

Population: 2479
Employees: 2


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Treatment plant, Collection system

Description of Facilities:

.936 MGD activated sludge facility; biosolids management


  • Facility operations of an innovative design
  • Infiltration Inflow problems
  • Problems encountered with an SIU


  • Helped settle differences between City and SIU
  • Brought facility into compliance

Project Summary:

We started this project in 1991 taking care of the collection system one lift station, and a .936 MGD Class “B” activated sludge process consisting of a bar screen, grit removal, 6 raw sewage pumps, two oxidation ditches with intrachannel clarifiers, two chlorine contact tanks, and two dechlorination basins. The waste activated sludge was aerobically treated and land applied.