Morgan, Minnesota

Population: 896
Employees: 1


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Treatment plants, Collection and Distribution system; meter reading, hydrant flushing

Description of Facilities:

.359 MGD trickling filter/solids contact facility; 2 wells .300 MGD pressure filtration with chemical addition, 1 water tower.


  • Heavy I&I
  • Facility controls
  • Water system complaints


  • Meter replacement program
  • Hydrant flushing program
  • Water filter media replacement
  • Collection system smoke testing

Project Summary:

We started this project in 1998 taking care of two water production wells, a pressurized water filtration system with chemical addition and a backwash/reclaim tank; distribution system, one 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank, collection system and a .359 MGD Class “C” trickling filter/solids contact treatment process with chlorine disinfection. The waste activated sludge is aerobically treated and land applied.

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