Maryville, Missouri

Population: 11,900 plus College Population
Employees: 5


Operations, maintenance and management of water and wastewater treatment facilities

Description of Facilities:

5.0 MGD membrane surface water treatment facility, 2.0 MGD activated sludge facility.


  • TTHM reduction to meet Stage 2 rules
  • Continued implementation of membrane filtration system
  • Wastewater lagoon system
  • Nearly 24 hour a day operation of water treatment plant
  • Outdated industrial pretreatment program


  • TTHM reduction to Stage 2 regulations, with improved usage of chemicals
  • Changes made in scheduling to allow for a rotating schedule to allow all operators some weekends off, while also reducing overtime
  • Changes to lagoon outfall structure to allow better usage of lagoon and reduce the amount of solids to the stream
  • Assisted the city with the planning and construction of a new 2.0 MGD extended aeration facility
  • Updated the pretreatment program to meet EPA standards

Project Summary:

Maryville is a contract in Northwest Missouri acquired in 2006. It is a 5.0 MGD membrane filtration plant and gets its water from Lake Mozingo. They have two towers and use a combination of sodium permanganate, chlorine dioxide, and a Kruger flocculator to remove manganese, taste and odors, and TOC. The community just completed a new $12 million activated sludge facility. There are also five significant industrial contributors with various levels of pretreatment and reporting to oversee.