Lakefield, Minnesota

Population: 1694
Employees: 1.5


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Treatment plant, Collection system, and biosolids handling

Description of Facilities:

.582 MGD activated sludge facility;


  • Operating facility during construction and demolition
  • Facility biosolids upgrade
  • Worked with Engineer after plans had been approved
  • Infiltration Inflow


  • Helped settle differences between City and Construction company
  • Collection system cleaning program
  • Kept plant in compliance during construction

Project Summary:

We started this project in 1988 taking care of the collection system consisting of 2 lift stations, and approximately 57,000 feet of sewer pipe, a 0.200 MGD Class “C” 2 stage high rate trickling filter facility, with a bar screen, 2 rotary screens, lift station, intermediate and final settling, chlorine disinfection, 4500 feet of discharge pipe, chemical sludge treatment, and land application of biosolids. There were plans for an on-site wastewater plant upgrade. In 1989 construction started on the new 0 .582 MGD Class “B” facility that consists of a bar screen, comminutor, grit removal, lift station, two channel oxidation ditch activated sludge process, 2 final clarifiers, chlorination –dechlorination, and an aerated sludge storage tank. In 1997 the waste activated sludge treatment was upgraded to include a rotary drum thickener, 2 Auto thermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) units, and an aerobic underground storage tank allowing for 270 days storage of Class “A” biosolids.

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