Are You Really in Control

Are you really in control of your water and wastewater operations? Answer these questions to find out and discover how you can gain real control.

  • Do you really have ‘control’ of your staff?
  • If there are performance related issues, is it easy to make a change?
  • If the employee is the only one that knows water/wastewater who is holding him/her accountable? And to what standards?
  • Do you really know what they do and are doing?
  • If you need to replace equipment, are you certain the cause is legitimate and not because of the lack of maintenance or that it is even needed?
  • Are you really compliant or is it just ‘pencil whipping’?

If you don’t have the answer to one or more of these questions then read on to find out how to find them.

These points are not to accuse or say a city’s staff is not competent, I am just making the point that you really do not have ‘control’ anyway.

When the City focuses solely on staffing the city loses site of the big picture:

  • The City sets rates and ordinances
  • The City still manages expenses and controls capital decisions
  • The City is still regulatory responsible

All the city is doing when they contract with PeopleService is giving up the staffing and the headaches that come with it. The City gains much more:

Staffing, training, sick days, benefits, vacation, turnover, etc.. is our headache now AND the City gains a partner, an expert in the field of water/wastewater, that:

  • Can help navigate and provide input/advice for future or current capital improvement projects/ideas, as well as regulatory changes
  • Initiate and operate a stringent preventative maintenance program which increases the lifespan of the current City investment
  • Deliver full transparency, monthly reports on what is getting done and what expenses are being used for.
  • Oversees and mentors staff with seasoned/experienced industry veterans who know what needs to be done and what an efficient and compliant operation looks like.

And the grand finale, if the City contracts with PeopleService there is a clear and concise scope of work that is agreed to and in the contract. Now we never want to take it to this point but waive that contract and things get done! Not happy with performance, don’t renew. The city has all the control and in fact has gained control.